We now have chalkboard pointers, a well-used eraser, a 1913 typewriter,  lunch pails from the 19th and 20th century, alphabet boards and much more.  These new acquisitions come as the result of a gift of school related artifacts from Dr. Richard Lodish, former principal of Sidwell Friends School in Bethesda, Md.  A collector of educational artifacts for at least fifty years, Dr. Lodish generously has shared his collection with the Smithsonian and the Schoolhouse Museum. We are particularly excited about an 1816 portrait painting of a young girl.  It is beautiful, but needs restoration work before it can be exhibited.  This looks like our next capital campaign goal!!!!!


An anonymous donor has given us a beautiful David Haring blue and white coverlet dated 1834 bears the name Catherine Demarest.  She was born in 1810 and married Abraham A. Terhune in 1831.  They lived on the Terhune Homestead on East Saddle River Road in the house also known as the Joe Jefferson house and later on a adjacent property.


“My Babys’  Dr. H.H. Pettit”  is stamped on cover of the notebook containing Dr Pettit's record of the babies he delivered from Nov. 1906-July 1928 was donated to the Society by Holly and Bruce Craig.


Homemade wheelbarrow from the houses on Circle Avenue where the Timmer family lived for generations was given to us by David Timmer.


A wood and metal baby tender from the early 20th century, donated to our collection by Pamela Woods,  is a timely addition to our current exhibit .